NGC40k Episode 010; How to Start a Narrative Game

NGC40k Episode 010


In our tenth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby, what makes a game a narrative game and how to start a narrative game.

Bolter Segment: Brother Maxus, with Sergeant Valus, communicates with their Strike Cruiser only to find something from the warp is about to alter their plans.

Book Review: We switch gears in our coverage of the Shield of Baal series with the flash fiction “Wraithflight” by Guy Haley. This book gives you a new and interesting perspective of what the Tyranid truly are.

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3 comments on “NGC40k Episode 010; How to Start a Narrative Game

  1. Also, a bit about Chainmail:

    “Gary Gygax’s personal interest in medieval wargaming rules was sparked after witnessing a game of the Siege of Bodenburg,[4] at the first Lake Geneva Wargames Convention (Gen Con) in 1968. Bodenburg was serialized in the wargaming magazine Strategy & Tactics the previous year, and required various 40 mm Elastolin miniatures, including a large castle setpiece.”

  2. According to GameSpy’s Allen Rausch, if “random creatures and meaningless hallways are your thing, you’ll love Dungeon Hack — the rest of us like at least a little story to justify our monster butchery.”[4]

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