Diavlo showing off his pipeworks set

Check it out.  The winner of our Mechanical Warhorse giveaway is already putting his pipeworks kit to good use.  This is a striking kit when painted.  Check out Mechanical Warhorse for other gaming goods like templates, markers and terrain.

Thanks Diavlo for sending these great photos.  Also, thank you Mechanical Warhorse for sending me this cool kit to give away on the show.

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NGC40k Episode 008 Death Storm

NGC40k Episode 008

In our eighth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby, some cool items purchased and a local community’s effort to improve their gaming experience. They also continue their journey in the Sheild of Baal Campaign and talk about the Death Storm background story and give a run down of the missions pack.

Bolter Segment: The Ork asteroid bombardment continues as Brother Maxus and Sergeant Valus have a battle of wits.

Mark and Peter also discuss some of their favorite blogs and youtube channels.




*The forums are still being worked on as we get ready for listeners to participate in the Collatus Sector.

Midnight Madness the War on Hunger

As we’ve mentioned in the past we are not a tournament podcast.  However, this doesn’t mean we won’t help promote a charitable event or mention something we think is cool about an upcoming tournament.  Looking at you “The Narrative Guys” that are probably going to have the most spectacular narrative event held at a major grand tournament ever at The Las Vegas Open.

Tom asked me to give a shout out for his charitable event.  He has a local tournament that is part of the “ITC” that is doubling as a food drive.  If you’re not sure what to donate, look up a local food pantry online and check their list.

Here is a link to their flyer: Midnight Madness the War on Hunger Flyer

Here is also some other information on the event.

3rd Annual Midnight Madness War On Hunger 40k Tournament!

Come join us to play 40k for a cause!

According to the 2013 census the Inland Empire has the highest poverty rate for a Metropolitan Area in the United States. As a community we are uniquely equipped to help with this problem. So Cal Games and Comics is going to host a combination food drive and 40k tournament.  The only thing we can guarantee is the more cans of food you bring the more fun you will have.

Goal: collect as much food for St. Martha’s food pantry located in Murrieta.

The tournament sign in will start at 11:15pm on November 21st dice will roll at Midnight on Nov 22nd! We plan on going three rounds. We have a scenario for a fourth round if needed.

We are located at is 40466 Winchester Rd Temecula CA

The Entry fee is $15 and 10 non perishable food items (please no top ramen or glass jars)!

We are part of the Independent Tournament Circuit.  Click Here for more info on the ITC!

Gearing up for the 2015 Apoc Luck Finale

I’m making preparations for this years Apoc Finale.  Apoc Luck XI, “The Spire” The Tau have reached the heart of Agrellon Prime in the Damocles Warzone.

How many points? How many can you handle?  It’s 40k Apocalypse, “Go Big or Go Home”

Again I would like to thank our sponsors for this event: Kromlech, Mechanical Warhorse and Secret Weapon Miniatures.

If you’re a business and would like to sponsor this event, contact me at ngc40k@gmail.com

to view past Apoc Luck events, check us out on Facebook.   http://www.facebook.com/apocluck