Supporting your local game store

My friends will tell you that if I am told it can’t be done, I dig deeper and make it happen.  How does this relate to you and gaming?  Recently I ran a drive to purchase new terrain for our local game store.  Normally I would say this should be the stores responsibility.  Better tables brings in players, more players usually means more money spent in the store.  However in this case our local store invested a ton of money loading up every table with a FAT mat.  I thought it was a shame to have such awesome gaming mats and fill it with mediocre terrain.  I set out to find entire table sets, which can be very expensive.  It had to be durable, so I started looking at mdf.  I found War Games Tournaments.  They are UK-based and have very reasonable prices for full tables worth of terrain.  The quality and detail are top-notch.  Now going back to the fundraiser.  I was told by several at the store that they have tried this in the past and it failed.  Lead by example I always say, so I put in the first $20.  A few others bought in and when someone else put in a large dollar amount, I matched it.  This inspired many others to throw in the lot as well.  Before we knew it we had over $550 raised to purchase terrain with.  There are two points to this message.  First of which is, your store provides an excellent environment for you to hang with friends and play games you love.  You can show your appreciation in more ways than just opening your wallet and buying the latest model.  Secondly, don’t let people tell you it can’t be done just because it either hasn’t been tried or they have failed.  If you dig deep enough and stick to it, you will always succeed.

Have a great weekend everybody and don’t forget that the deadline for entering the Mechanical Warhorse terrain giveaway is approaching.  Like our Facebook page and/or leave us a positive review on iTunes to enter.


6 comments on “Supporting your local game store

  1. I am currently working on terrain for our local shop. I like the idea of everyone pitching in. I find our problem is more with keeping the terrain complete. How do you guys do it at your local shop?

      • Stonger terrain certainly helps, GW stuff, most mdf, etc. Even with our mature crowd (17+), terrain would get damaged. I’d say the biggest thing that helped was adequate shelving space. The less stuff has to get stacked on each other the better. This is what I have seen at our local store as the main cause for damage. When the community pooled together for terrain, the store added a ton of shelves. More than what the new terrain required.

        There is nothing wrong with putting terrain higher up too. Assist the little gamers by setting up and taking down their terrain.
        Hope this helps.

      • My friend in Green Bay would tell you that is the problem they have there too. The terrain starts out looking great, but when crammed into bins it doesn’t take long for it to show wear quickly.

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