NGC40k Episode 007, Chelsea Goodness

NGC40k Episode 007

In our seventh episode Mark and Peter take a break from the Leviathan campaign, well sort of. We discuss the start of our NGC night, How we would like the listeners to get more involved in the podcast and the Chelsea mission in battles played.

Bolter Porn Segment: The Ork asteroid bombardment intensifies as Brother Maxus tries to figure out the extent of Sergeant Valus’s injuries.

Peter interviews Kenny from the Combat Phase podcast about the Sanctus Reach campaign he ran in our local store.

Also, Mechanical Warhorse has given us a Pipe Works set to give away to our listeners. Diavlo Bablo from Poland was our lucky listener to win this cool terrain piece and he should be receiving that in the next week or so.


Diavlo Bablo from Poland, congratulations!  You are the winner of the Mechanical Warhorse Pipeset giveaway.  I also plan to announce this in episode 7 to be released soon.

We are still planning to have giveaways in the future, so continue to listen, tell a friend, like our Facebook page.  Remember, every 500 likes we get we will be selecting a winner for custom terrain made by Mark and  myself, along with an Mechanical Warhorse Billboard.

Again, Diavlo Bablo, thanks for listening.

The Excitement is Building

Friday we draw the name of a lucky listener for the Mechanical Warhorse Pipeworks set giveaway.  If you haven’t done so, enter now by liking us on our Facebook page or write us a positive review on iTunes.  Do both for a double entry.

I’m taking the final names at 6pm CST on the 25th.  So don’t wait.  We announce the winner in the next episode.

Also, episode 7 has been edited and is waiting for me to insert this weeks Bolter Segment.  What is happening with Sergeant Valus, find out in this weeks episode.

Tell a Friend Campaign

Mark and I are always thinking of ways to get you the listeners more involved.  This new and continuing campaign will be a tell a friend campaign.  Every 500 likes we get on our Facebook page, we will have a drawing.  The listener will receive a custom piece of terrain from both Mark and myself.  So two kick ass custom pieces to add to your table just for spreading the word about our show.  Bonus, we will include a Mechanical Warhorse billboard.  Yes the same billboards you’ve heard so much about.  These billboards I include in every Apoc Luck game, not only because they look awesome, but functionally they are great to have on the table.

So tell a friend, like our Facebook page and thanks for listening.


Up on Deck

Mark and I just wrapped up another recording session.  Not only will this next episode contain the winner of the Mechanical Warhorse Pipe works set (I’ll edit that in after the 24th), but we also have some other exciting news for our listeners.  If we could put a slogan on the episode, it would be “We Want You”.  We also have an interview with Kenny from the Combat Phase podcast.  I was able to sit with him before his trip to Sweden and record a few things regarding a campaign he ran in our local community.

There is still time to get in on the drawing for the Mechanical Warhorse Pipe works kit.  The 24th is the deadline.  To enter, simply like our Facebook page or leave us a positive review on iTunes.  Do both for a double dip.

Episode 006 Shield of Baal: Tempestus Review

NGC40k Episode 006

In our sixth episode Mark and Peter cross over into Black Library’s Shield of Baal: Tempestus. A novella written by Braden Campbell. Spoiler alert, we do a full review of the book. If you are like me, this kind of review makes me want to go and get the book. It’s a good read, a fast read, full of suspense and action. We recommend picking it up.

Bolter Porn Segment: A close call has Sergeant Valus concerned with the front lines more than his injuries. He also meets an old friend. Find out who in this episode.

The Hobby Product Review is on Peter’s Table War case. He discusses the system in detail, why he is enjoys it and how it has changed his home storage of his miniatures. Case and shelf photos

Also, Mechanical Warhorse has given us a Pipe Works set to give away to our listeners. To enter into the drawing, like our facebook page or leave us a positive review on itunes. Do both for a double entry. The winner will be announced in Episode 007. Final entry is September 25th. Don’t miss out on your chance to get this cool terrain kit.

Times Running Out on the Mechanical Warhorse Giveaway!!!

There’s only 10 more days to get in on the drawing for a free Mechanical Warhorse Pipe Set terrain kit.  If you haven’t seen this kit, check it out on their website.  It has a high level of detail and possibilities for such a simple terrain piece.  They have a new level two transition and pump-room kit that can be added to the ground level kit to really make this terrain piece stand out.  I  look forward to getting my hands on one and create some narrative games in a factory setting.

To get in the drawing simply like the NGC40k Podcast Facebook page or leave us a positive review on iTunes.  Do both for a double entry.

Mark and I really look forward to giving this set away to a lucky listener.

Supporting your local game store

My friends will tell you that if I am told it can’t be done, I dig deeper and make it happen.  How does this relate to you and gaming?  Recently I ran a drive to purchase new terrain for our local game store.  Normally I would say this should be the stores responsibility.  Better tables brings in players, more players usually means more money spent in the store.  However in this case our local store invested a ton of money loading up every table with a FAT mat.  I thought it was a shame to have such awesome gaming mats and fill it with mediocre terrain.  I set out to find entire table sets, which can be very expensive.  It had to be durable, so I started looking at mdf.  I found War Games Tournaments.  They are UK-based and have very reasonable prices for full tables worth of terrain.  The quality and detail are top-notch.  Now going back to the fundraiser.  I was told by several at the store that they have tried this in the past and it failed.  Lead by example I always say, so I put in the first $20.  A few others bought in and when someone else put in a large dollar amount, I matched it.  This inspired many others to throw in the lot as well.  Before we knew it we had over $550 raised to purchase terrain with.  There are two points to this message.  First of which is, your store provides an excellent environment for you to hang with friends and play games you love.  You can show your appreciation in more ways than just opening your wallet and buying the latest model.  Secondly, don’t let people tell you it can’t be done just because it either hasn’t been tried or they have failed.  If you dig deep enough and stick to it, you will always succeed.

Have a great weekend everybody and don’t forget that the deadline for entering the Mechanical Warhorse terrain giveaway is approaching.  Like our Facebook page and/or leave us a positive review on iTunes to enter.


New to our show?

First of all welcome.

On our podcast we talk about all things 40k hobby.  We do our best to create the kind of show we would want to listen to.

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Just Throwing This Out There

Templar Crusade 01, YouTube channel.

I’m new to the YouTube subscriber thing, about a year or so, but I really like this channel.  Brian really has a passion for the hobby and talks about products, models, etc.  Not all of it is 40k, but I’ve learned about some cool paints that I really want to get my hands on and try out while he was covering other models.  I highly recommend giving this gentleman a listen.  You just might pick up a new technique or hobby trick.

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page or leave us a positive review on iTunes to enter in the Mechanical Warhorse Pipework giveaway.