Episode 003

NGC40k Episode 003

In our third episode Mark and Peter take an in depth look at Games Workshop’s Shield of Baal: Leviathan. We get roughly half way through the story in this episode. We will cover the second half in episode 4. If you haven’t taken a look at this Campaign series yet, I strongly recommend it.

Bolter Porn Segment: This is a repeat of last weeks segment. I thought of where I would like this segment to go and I’ve decided to have it grow into it’s own bi-weekly audio drama. A 40k version of Prince Valiant if you will. Each episode will build onto the previous story. We’re pretty excited about this, me especially.

The Hobby Spotlight is on Peter’s Vendetta conversion. It gives the chassis a more streamlined appearance worthy of painting teeth on the nose. (check out pics and details in the hobby spotlight page)

Vendetta Conversion Photos

We start our Book Review with the Shield of Baal novella, Tempestus written by Braden Campbell.

And Finally, Mark goes all Dennis Miller in his closing thought for the show.

3 comments on “Episode 003

  1. CORRECTIONS! 🙂 When I said that the Marines Errant Fluff didn’t start until the Siege of Vraks campaign I actually meant Badab War. My bad.

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