Reading with Excitement

Mark and I are absorbing a Games Workshop campaign series for the upcoming episodes.  They do an incredible job on the detail in setting up the background story for each campaign mission.  If you enjoy the Imperial Armour books, I highly recommend looking at the Games Workshop campaign supplements.  New fluff, amazing art, cool scenarios, just awesome!

4 comments on “Reading with Excitement

  1. I’m about 50 pages in to the fluff book now.

    Its like I want to give myself (another) facial scar, preferably one that runs from my eye down past my cheek.

  2. I told you. They knocked it out of the park on this one. It’s not often that I’m stoked to read a book, but this campaign has me wanting to read the Black Library books tied to the campaign.

  3. Okay. Sorry we couldn’t find time to talk about this last night, next time for sure and I can get a review of the text again. Its worth the review.

    Can’t wait to go over it on the air.

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