Episode 002


In our second episode Mark and Peter discuss 40k the right and proper way. Telling stories over a cold pint of beer. Discussions include: what is on their hobby table, future projects, a hobby spotlight, a narrative gaming mission, and bolter porn.

The Hobby Spotlight is on Mark’s Ork Skullhamma that he has built and a walk through of the customization involved. (check out pics and details in the hobby spotlight page)

Hardware Store Dreadnought & Skullhamma Photos

We dive into the building Peter has been working on for the next Apoc Luck.

Apoc Luck Building Photos

The narrative focus this episode is on a mission that Mark created. The mission is constructed into Acts and depending on the outcome of one Act, it changes what Act 2 will be. This mission is pretty cool and is available in full detail in the narrative spotlight of the forum.

Narrative Mission: Carthrax Sector 75.M

In this week’s Bolter Porn, Sgt Valus reinforces confidence in an Imperial Guardsman, calls on air support and reminds an Imperial Officer just where he stands.

For more info on what Mark is up to, check out his blog.

Please let us know how we are doing.  Feedback is always appreciated.

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