Episode 003

NGC40k Episode 003

In our third episode Mark and Peter take an in depth look at Games Workshop’s Shield of Baal: Leviathan. We get roughly half way through the story in this episode. We will cover the second half in episode 4. If you haven’t taken a look at this Campaign series yet, I strongly recommend it.

Bolter Porn Segment: This is a repeat of last weeks segment. I thought of where I would like this segment to go and I’ve decided to have it grow into it’s own bi-weekly audio drama. A 40k version of Prince Valiant if you will. Each episode will build onto the previous story. We’re pretty excited about this, me especially.

The Hobby Spotlight is on Peter’s Vendetta conversion. It gives the chassis a more streamlined appearance worthy of painting teeth on the nose. (check out pics and details in the hobby spotlight page)

Vendetta Conversion Photos

We start our Book Review with the Shield of Baal novella, Tempestus written by Braden Campbell.

And Finally, Mark goes all Dennis Miller in his closing thought for the show.

Tales from the Maelstrom

I’m surprised I didn’t stumble across this blog earlier.

Tales from the Maelstrom

Gareth is an old school gamer along with several of his friends, many of which helped create the games we love.  They make every game have a narrative mission or theme.  The thing that sets him apart is he focuses on the older rule sets that we older gamers just reminisce about such as: Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Ed, Necromunda and Mordheim.  He presents a lot of old cool miniatures that you don’t see at all anymore.  He let’s them take the main stage in all their games.  They’ve made a super fan out of me.

I couldn’t recommend checking them out enough.

Reading with Excitement

Mark and I are absorbing a Games Workshop campaign series for the upcoming episodes.  They do an incredible job on the detail in setting up the background story for each campaign mission.  If you enjoy the Imperial Armour books, I highly recommend looking at the Games Workshop campaign supplements.  New fluff, amazing art, cool scenarios, just awesome!

Episode 002


In our second episode Mark and Peter discuss 40k the right and proper way. Telling stories over a cold pint of beer. Discussions include: what is on their hobby table, future projects, a hobby spotlight, a narrative gaming mission, and bolter porn.

The Hobby Spotlight is on Mark’s Ork Skullhamma that he has built and a walk through of the customization involved. (check out pics and details in the hobby spotlight page)

Hardware Store Dreadnought & Skullhamma Photos

We dive into the building Peter has been working on for the next Apoc Luck.

Apoc Luck Building Photos

The narrative focus this episode is on a mission that Mark created. The mission is constructed into Acts and depending on the outcome of one Act, it changes what Act 2 will be. This mission is pretty cool and is available in full detail in the narrative spotlight of the forum.

Narrative Mission: Carthrax Sector 75.M

In this week’s Bolter Porn, Sgt Valus reinforces confidence in an Imperial Guardsman, calls on air support and reminds an Imperial Officer just where he stands.

For more info on what Mark is up to, check out his blog.

Please let us know how we are doing.  Feedback is always appreciated.

You all are amazing!

The podcast surpassed a major hurdle, over 250 downloads.  I was happy when it went past the 3 people we told about it.  This means we will be stepping up our game and doubling the effort to put out the best show possible.

This is amazing people.  I hope you enjoyed the first episode and will be a returning listener.

Next Episode on schedule.

The follow up to our debut episode has been recorded and edited.  I’ve also found the sound effects I intend to use for the next Bolter Porn segment.  The hardest one was what to make a lasgun sound like.  A laser doesn’t make any sound, with the exception of the charge build up before the shot.  I can just picture a guardsman saying “Commissar, (click click)  My rifles not working” as shots are fired down range without him realizing it killing some low flying buzzard.