Out of this World

Hey listeners, we are back with more from Death Ray Designs, our Model Terrain Company of the Month.

One of the hardest things to find is quality alien terrain.  I’m not talking about any old alien planet terrain.  I’m talking about terrain pieces that fit our favorite Xenos 40k armies.  Not every planet that you fight over will be a former Imperial world.  The Orks don’t care who’s planet it is.  The Tau will take it for the greater good.  And so on.

There are endless reasons a battle could be taking place on a world other than one under the light of the Imperium of Man.  This is even more so as a narrative player.  As an example, what if you are like Mark, where his house represents his home planet, JYLN-55.  What if you’re a filthy. . . cough cough. . . I mean a die hard Xenos player.  Death Ray Designs is there to help.  They have some great terrain that is out of this world.

Their Space Elves collection


And then there is their Necropolis collection


Death Ray Designs is continuously creating new top notch kits and collections.  I’m certain they have something to make your table pop.

Go check out Death Ray Designs.

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Valedor Apocalypse!

Apoc Luck XXI: The Fireheart Awakens

I’ve been talking about it.  I’ve been posting on twitter and the 1houranight Facebook group.  I thought I would share it with everyone.  Our first Apocalypse event in 8th edition.

I spent two months working on this particular Valedor table.  Giving myself an hour of hobby time (Primaris Rainbow Warriors) and the table an hour.  Then the final week it had all my attention until late Friday night.  My biggest challenge was making a hotwire planer.  After a week of trial and error, I got it to work and off I went.  My only freak out moment was when I went to seal the board, five of eight boards frosted up on me and with two days until the event I was a nervous wreck.

I had played a trial run of a large game, one on one, and it went rather quick.  6000pts of Tyranids vs Space Marines, in just over three hours.  It took about four games in 6th edition to really have a system nailed down that was fun and contained into an eight hour gaming day.  The new addition is radically different and most of my house rules were clarifications for the old system.  I went through my old notes and revamped things, phase by phase, for 8th edition.  I viewed this game as the first real test run.

Saturday Morning I packed everything up and went over to our local hobby store Pegasus Games and set up the board.

10am the dice started rolling and Apoc Luck XXI was underway.  We had a chaos player who wanted to participate and I do my best to not turn folks away.  Kenny from the Combat Phase podcast was there with his Ad-Mech army.  We also had Blood Angels and Deathwatch armies there.  How did I fit it in to the current event?  I’ll tell you in episode 33.

Here are a few pics of the event.  You can go here to the Apoc Luck Facebook page to view all the pictures.


There were many big moments in the game.  The Eldar defending the Fireheart to the last.  The shifting tectonic plates causing the demise of a chaos Reaver Titan.  The epic showdown of Karandras and a Heirophant.


Who won?  We all know who won that battle.


Details Peter, give us the Details.

What was my first impressions?  This edition scales incredibly well.

But you said you had house rules?  I do.  Things can turn into a rabble real fast when you get a large group of people.  Most of my rules put some organization to the large scale game with multiple players in mind.  I focused on trying to remove potential issues with sides not having the same number of players or just having more than one player in general.  I also went and revamped some of the old Strategic Assets and turned them into Stratagem Cards for either side to use.

I took notes the entire game while others played.  Where we could simplify things to speed up the game, issues that came up, etc.  In the end I was very happy that most of the problems were with one Stratagem Card I had available and a bit of Command Point adjustments to others.

Any downsides?  Things don’t die as easy in this edition and that was the biggest struggle we had.  The board filled up quickly and we were running out of room to place more things.  The days of full strength Destroyer weapons were gone and it showed.

Yet this isn’t really a negative is it.  It was a very fair fight.  The battles were exciting, units came into their own all over the battlefield.

Apocalypse in this edition is missing large space opening destruction.  Those D-weapons and Orbital Bombardments that make holes for units to surge forward and allowing others to come out of reserve.  It means we get to become creative with game.  We get to invent big destructive tools for our warlords or catastrophic events for our armies to fight through.  And that is half the fun of running a narrative driven event, so what really isn’t a downside could be turned into an event designers upside.

This has me excited for what Warhammer 40k: Chapter Approved brings in December.

Overall it was a great time.  Everyone had fun and the food was incredible.

Friends, Food, 40k & Fun that’s what makes an Apoc Luck.






Shattered Landscape Debut

Hey Everyone, we are back with another installment of Model Terrain Company of the month.  I get pretty darn excited when we are asked to help show off a new product.  This time it’s from our friends at Death Ray Designs.

They are coming out strong with their Shattered Landscape set and it’s at a great price point, especially in the bundle.  Something that I always struggle with involving structures is their placement to their surrounding.  These structures have enough mix of modern and turn of the century that they would easily blend in on any board.  Like an old bank in a modern downtown or the newest building in a old world, they still look appropriate for their setting.

What I find great about these ruin kits is the variety in size.  I see them used like in the pictures or gluing them to a base and detailing out the fallen structure in the center.  These Death Ray Design kits have a lot of potential.  I’m looking forward to what they add to the Shattered Landscape series.


They have many more great kits available, but you don’t wait for me to tell you about them.

Go check out Death Ray Designs.

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Armageddon It!

Death Ray Designs is our featured Model Terrain Company of the Month for September.  You may have seen their terrain featured on some of The Narrative Guys tables at Wargames Con and Las Vegas Open.  You may also have spotted some of their custom work that I presented at the Titan Event at Adepticon.  I’m not Foolin’ when I say their catalog will have you in Hysteria.

The Black Site series has two parts to it.  First is Site X.  This is a fantastic sci fi outpost series full of blockaded personnel hubs, watch tower units and com relay towers of various forms.


The next part of the series by Death Ray Design is Site Armageddon.  Your Industrial complex full of towers, platforms and walkways.


Both of these Death Ray Design sets work well together and can create some amazing scenery to fight through.  Yet the scene wouldn’t be complete without our favorite spice.  Pour some sugar on. . . okay okay, enough with the Def Leppard references.

Death Ray Designs has all kinds of cool stuff to fill out this setting.  Consoles, terminals, air recyclers, pallets and various storage devices.  An outpost, a dash here and there goes a long way.  An industrial setting, feel free to pour it on by the spoonful, one lump or two.


Haha, okay now I’m done with the Blind Cheetah references.

Go check out Death Ray Designs.

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Episode 032: Evil Sun Rising

In our 32nd episode,

Segment 1: We skip over to the literary side of the Sanctus Reach and cover Guy Haley’s accompanying novella Evil Sun Rising. It’s a fun read from the orks perspective and I strongly recommend it.

Segment 2: The Bandrois Campaign continues as the Chargis III pdf make a strong armed assault to take the bridge crossing into the Bandrois swamps. The Marines Errant and Raven Guard are called off to communicate with command as the fighting swells across the planet.

Battle for Detros Mitus: As the orks march on Sabre Ridge, the planetary defense generals plan their final defense strategies for Detros Mitus. Commander Niminus’s pent up frustration boils over moments before an unexpected guest arrives.
(music in this audio drama is Head Space 2 provided by Thomas Prislac of PDXvoiceteacher)

Episode 032

Alien Worlds

Before the close of August I wanted to give one more blast from Armorcast.  One of the toughest terrains to find is items that represent an alien landscape.  Aquarium vegetation and some specific finds in the flower décor department are great, yet the boards are always missing something.  Centerpiece terrain.  Terrain that truly looks foreign in nature.  Few places have them and I’m happy to point out that Armorcast is one of them.

Armorcast has a wide variety of alien plant life that could double for some of that classic death world terrain.  They also have birthing pods for alien fauna or perhaps something more sinister.

This terrain would look great accented with some of that aquarium terrain I mentioned earlier.

They also have great looking terrain to accompany any Nid board you have.  Plant life that looks like it is ready to burst with biomatter.  Endless consumption on the way to the digestive pools.  Armorcast Biolab terrain can help flesh out that special space or bring more character to your death world.


Don’t forget about their great discount offered to our listeners thru the end of 2017.

1_editedArmorcast was kind enough to send me a kit to give away to our listeners.  Please check facebook or twitter to see if you received a message from us.

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The Spice of Gaming Tables

A pinch here.  A dash there.  Scatter terrain can really add to the landscape of your gaming table.  Armorcast has loads of terrain pieces that make excellent scatter terrain.  So much in fact that I recommend visiting their website www.armorcast.com .  I am only able to show you enough to dip the toe in the waters of all they create and carry.

Some shining examples.  Your trying to find some unique pieces to go in that lab or space vessel.

What about a busy rail yard, loading docks, warehouse, you name it.  Nothing makes that terrain come more alive than having little bits stacked, leaning, piled up and grouped together throughout your gaming table.  Warehouses and docks are full of stuff, this is a time when it is okay to take the cap off the spice bottle and apply in spoonful’s.

When imagination sparks, sometimes you have to just go with it.  Add those missing pieces to your power station, warp gate and chemical facility.  Let the energy fill your vision and conduct it through your gaming table.

Don’t be afraid to stray from the recipe, you never know what unique gaming tables you will create.  Go and check out all the great scatter terrain from Armorcast.

Armorcast was kind enough to send me kits to give away to our listeners.

In addition, Armorcast is giving our listeners 10% off until the end of the year. 

Use coupon code: INQUIS

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Selling the Scene

We are back again with Armorcast, our Model Terrain Company of the Month.  We all know that models are our little actors and that the gaming table is our stage.  The setting and backdrop is the terrain.  All are equally important in pulling you into the game and enhancing your hobby experience.

What about selling it?  I’m not talking about hocking your terrain, I’m talking about taking it to a level that pulls you into the scene.  Whether it’s water effects or smoky cotton, these little extras really sell your display or gaming environment that you worked so hard to set up.

What about your models, your  little actors?  Rippling water is cool, yet your actor is missing something.  They seem apart from the scene instead of in it.  Armorcast has just the thing to make your models actions come alive.

Armorcast Cinematic Effects take that final step to sell that scene.  Muzzles flashing, guns blazing, las weapons shooting hot lances of energy at your foe.  They have it in all sizes.

Missiles firing, shell casings ejecting, or my personal favorite, spraying the purifying, ever holy, hot promethium on your foes.

They also have a variety of explosions from grenades to exploding pieces of vehicles.  Following up explosions is rolling plumes of smoke help sell the scene of burnt out vehicles.

Lastly is one of my favorites for jump troops.  I always thought is would be really cool to have a squad of jump troops in multiple stages of the jump, dynamically moving towards the enemy.  One thing that has always been missing was the blasting off effect.  Armorcast has that covered too.  Check these out.

ACFX045JumpPackBlast-250x250Go and check out all the Cinematic Effects from Armorcast and get inspired to sell your own scene.

Armorcast was kind enough to send me kits to give away to our listeners.  Give the Armorcast Facebook page a ‘like’ and stay current on their latest releases.  Expect more great stuff in the weeks ahead.


As Always:

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8th Edition Apocalypse (house) Rules

I’ve been working on additional rules for the local Apocalypse Events that I frequently host.  I can honestly say that with 4 years and 20 successful apocalypse events under my belt, a lot of thought has gone into these optional rules. 

These are house rules and are in no way endorsed or sponsored by Games Workshop.  Feel free to use them for your events.

Choosing your army:  Power Level points will be used.  All models will follow the “What you see is what you get”.  Levels may be subject to change during each event.

Getting Set Up:

One person will be chosen by their teammates to represent their side as Warmaster.  This person will make rolls for their side, place objectives and pick stratagems.  Most importantly it is this person’s job will be to keep their side moving along during the player turns.  The Warmaster’s Warlord becomes an objective worth 3 command points.

Game Turn:

Timed Turn Length Option: Player turns will not exceed 40min.

All Core turn rules are the same with the exception of the fight phase.

Replace sentence “After all charging units have fought. . . ” with the following:

After all charging units have fought, all the players on a side alternate choosing eligible units to fight with (starting with the players turn it is) until all eligible units on both sides have fought once each.  If sides are uneven in player count involved in the Fight phase, then a side may not choose more than the minimum number of players involved on a given side.  I.e. if there are 4 players on team A and 5 players on team B involved in the Fight phase, then no more than 4 eligible units can be chosen at a time per side

Other things of Note:

Claiming an Objective: A side controls an objective marker if they have more models within 6” of the centre of it than their opponent.  Any special rules regarding claiming objectives, such as the Space Marines ability “Defenders of Humanity” apply.  Each objective is worth 2 command points unless otherwise stated for the mission.  Objectives are scored at the end of every game turn.

Reserves:  No reserve roll is required and units may enter play counting as moved during the movement phase.

Command Points:

Command points entering the game are based on Detachments only.  The 3 cps base does not apply.  (this is to keep things even in case of one side having more players than the other)

The Command Points are then tallied up for the side and stratagems are picked by the Warmaster.  Stratagems can be used more than once, but not more than once in the same phase.

Terrain and Cover:

-All area terrain, obstacle, barricades, etc.  You must subtract from the units charge distance.

-All infantry models of a unit must be partially in the terrain to receive cover.  Touching is not considered “in” or “on” the terrain.

-In addition, the 50% obscured applies to all models out of terrain as well, so long as the target unit is 50% obscured from view by the targeting model.  Players please give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the abstractness that is deciding what is 50% obscured from the view of the shooting unit.  Infantry can take advantage of this rule so long as each model in the unit is 50% obscured.  So just like area terrain, they do not gain the benefit unless everyone in the unit is obscured.

(Below is Work in Progress)

Apocalypse Stratagems

Blind Barrage: “A thick barricade of smoke protects your troops advance”  The opponent must subtract 1 from any hit rolls when shooting at your units if they are more than 12” away.

Camouflage: Nominate a friendly HQ unit.  All friendly models within 24” add 1 for cover to their saving throw.

August is for Armorcast

This month I reached out to one of the terrain company originals, Armorcast.  They have been in the biz since I’ve been in this hobby and they are still going strong.  Since the days of my first Reaver Titan, I’m always looking to see what cool stuff they are creating and how I can use it on the table top to better create my story.  I have boxes of there resin terrain kits for various projects I’m working on.  Over time I’ll be completing those projects and showing off pics and telling people just where I got those pieces that make the terrain pop.  Why wait when I can show you some cool stuff now.

Urban settings are very popular in the setting of Warhammer 40k and Armorcast has some great scenery for this.  Gothic to modern they have some great pieces for your table.  The Cathedral is amazing and they have a ruined version too.  I really like the modularity of the Goth Tech kits.  I was already thinking how I can combine this with other kits to make some truly amazing scenery.  If you are more into the modern look, they have you covered there as well.  Plenty of room to create your perfect cityscape and with their strong resin you know your terrain can handle some wear and tear.

I’ve said it before that I love scatter terrain and it can really spice up a city scene.  Armorcast has a wide variety, so much so that I thought it best to include it with each theme.  From roof top accessories to mailboxes, they got you covered.  They even have individual trash piles to make those alley ways seem all the more derelict.

Armorcast was kind enough to send me kits to give away to our listeners.  Give the Armorcast Facebook page a ‘like’ and stay current on their latest releases.  Expect more great stuff in the weeks ahead.


As Always:

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